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6 lỗi phổ biến trong tiếng Anh

  1. Wrong: I have visited Australia last weekend.
    Problem: “have visited” – Present Perfect tense, which is only used when the time of an action is not stated. Here, on the contrary, we know the precise time – last weekend – so Past Simple must be used.
    Correct: I visited Australia last weekend.
  2. Wrong: She’s married with a dentist.
    Problem: The idiom is “to be married to”, all the changes to it are wrong.
    Correct: She’s married to a dentist.
  3. Wrong: I must to call him immediately.
    Problem: “Must” is a modal verb, there is no “to” after it. The same applies to “can”, for example: “she can drive”.
    Correct: I must call him immediately.
  4. Wrong: Every students like the teacher.
    Problem: “Every” is used only with a singular form of a noun, otherwise it’s impossible.
    Correct: Every student likes the teacher.
  5. Wrong: I enjoyed from the movie.
    Problem: The preposition “from” is used to indicate a source of something. For example, “I got this balloon from a street seller”. The street seller is a source of the good (balloon). Here we don’t receive anything material from the movie, instead, we feel emotions. The preposition “from” here is not used.
    Correct: I enjoyed the movie.
  6. Wrong: I look forward to meet you.
    Problem: Remember that we always use gerund after “to look forward to”.
    Correct: I look forward to meeting you.

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