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Cách dùng “there is” và “there are”

Statements – Câu Khẳng Định
There is + singular noun (+ …).
There are + plural noun (+ …).

There is a restaurant at the beach.
There are many stores at the mall.

Questions – Câu Hỏi
Is there + singular noun (+ …)?
Are there + plural noun (+ …)?

Is there a coffee shop on Third Street?
Are there taxis on this street?

Negative Statements – Câu Phủ Định
There isn’t + singular noun (+ …).
There aren’t + any + plural noun (+ …).

There isn’t a nightclub near the hotel.
There aren’t any dogs at the zoo.

Short Answers – Câu Trả Lời Cho Câu Hỏi “there is/there are”
Yes, there is.No, there isn’t.
Yes, there are.No, there aren’t.

Is there a tour today?
Yes, there is.

Are there any stores near the post office?
No, there aren’t.

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