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PMP: Quality vs Grade

The definitions of Quality and Grade are much different. For the PMP® Exam, Quality is much much more important and should not be confused with Grade.

In the PMP® Exam, “Quality” and “Grade” are totally different concepts which aspirants should not get confused. Let’s go to the definitions of them.

  • Quality: a measure of how the product conforms to the requirement / fit for the expected use level.
    • If the product has high quality, it should meet the quality requirements set out in the production specification and is fit for the uses as described. However, if it doe not, it is said to have low quality.
  • Grade: a measure of which level the product is expected to perform.
    • If the product is low grade, it is intended / designed to be used on an everyday condition than in extreme cases.

Which is more important?

  • A product with low grade is acceptable since it fulfils its intended functions and expectations (e.g. less features) probably at a lower cost.
  • A product with low quality is a problem, since it does not meet the requirements and expectations (e.g. breaks down easily).
  • A high quality product will always meet your expectations while a low quality product won’t.

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